Physi - Ode (To My Physiotherapist) Poem by Yvonne Rautenbach

Physi - Ode (To My Physiotherapist)

I went to you in pain and told my tale
How I saw the world in darkness now gone stale
The seasons came and went yet I stood still
Seeking all my solace in a pill
I was brave and trusted you to hurt
And felt the smart cut trousers and your shirt
Brush me tenderly without intent
But I sighed myself within as if 'twere meant.
My heart beat in the shadow of your breast
As you lifted up my arm to do what's best
Trying to be kind by giving force
and there I am a panting like a horse
Trying to expell the cut or tear
deep beneath my shoulder hard to bear.
Surrender is the word I give to feeling of
Giving in so others may give healing
Oh that I would have this sweet surrender
Everyday and night...but then remember
You are the healer me the careless ma'am
who reached to throw a ball and froze her arm
I have come to curse this flesh beneath my sleeve
But come to bless you so much- thank you Steve..........

Ivan Donn Carswell 13 July 2007

Yvonne, an almost sado-masochistic ode indeed; amazing how manipulation of the musulature also serves as brain-food. Well written. Rgds, Ivan

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