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...If I said I wrote poetry for a reason I’d have to defend my reasoning every day. So I don’t. I write for fun – and if it isn’t fun it’s better than being bored or feeling useless. I admit to feeling bored and useless occasionally.

But there is more to Poetry than one man’s opinion of it.

There are many views – no less especially here. ...

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you caught me in-between
those things I didn’t start
and the few that
simply got away

Breathe Again

keeping a day ahead when
space occupied by those
preceding still reeks of
waste is deemed vagrancy


Yesterday’s dust storm dashed
unrealistic pretension about
Nature’s propriety – there’s
nothing better expressed than

Wither Away

a way to piss
yourself off thoroughly
and guarantee morbidity
is by trying to please

Market In The Rain

Bob’s view was we couldn’t run
away, rain didn’t demand unilateral
surrender; we were men-at-arms
used at least to deprivation and

Ivan Donn Carswell Comments

An absolute rarity among poets - a gem. Expressive, erudite, emotive (often with a quasi-objective slant) . Ivan should be compulsory reading. Well... he is, for some of us! t x

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Nafisa Rafi 02 March 2016

Ummmm, are you the one who commented on each n every poem of mine on www.ham-zay.blogspot.ca ? If yes, then a huge thank you! It's an honour to have my poems read by you! Ur amazing!

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David Desantis 16 July 2008

Easily one of the finest poets on this site, Ivan has taught me many things about structure, design and flow. I'm always extremely impressed when I read his work, and recommend his poetry as ESENTIAL reading to anyone who appreciates true talent.

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Emancipation Planz 02 April 2008

I have found a new teacher... sure I might wag some days... but be it pet or trouble... when I turn up to class 'I put my hand up....... [careful too many law suits appearing around school discipline] and rediscover....

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Paul Buttigieg 28 September 2007

I have only just discovered Ivan's poetry and I love it.

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Not a member No 4 03 February 2007

Tara got here first and I have to agree with everything she has to say. This guy is a Poem Hunter stalwart of the first order. Clear thinking and highly intelligent, teasing, funny, provocative, honest, compassionate and passionate where it counts, and a damned fine poet to boot! ! The only problem is that the stuff just pours out of him and it's murder trying to keep up! jim

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