Piece By Piece Poem by Ellen Shaw

Piece By Piece

You had me
Because I chose to let you
Not because I wanted you to
You had me
Because I give myself away
Piece by piece.

And piece by piece
I disappear
I change shape
He wont know me
Piece by piece
You all protect me
Keep me
Because you can't forget me.

You had me
Because you wanted to
A prize you set your eye on
You had me
Before you knew me
And now you have to keep me.

Keep me
Because you can't forget me
Can't escape me
He can't catch me
You have to keep me
So I stay
And so I live
And never disappear.

You had me
Because I tricked you
I didn't know any other way
You had me
Opened and closed me
And so I live.

And so I live
A piece of me
Here and there
He wont find me
and so I live
Owned by many
Ruled by none
I'm free.

You had me
Because I belong to men
I am rightfully yours
You had me
Try to own me
Fail, because I am ruled by none.

Ruled by none
I stand steady
I do not move
He wont recognise me
Ruled by none
I choose to let
You have me
One piece at a time.

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