Pincushion - Story Of A Work Of Art Poem by Jesse Bauer

Pincushion - Story Of A Work Of Art

The Story
By: Savanna Hilyer

The girl is holding a black hole. its her heart. All the pins are being pushed into
her so she took her heart out and now its sucking things up,
but she's trying to protect the ones she loves from being sucked away.
The pins are the one she loves betraying her.
She pulled her heart out so it wouldnt get stabbed,
but now its turned into something evil to devour all other things.
She's trying to bring things back to the way they used to be.

By: Jesse Bauer

Needles, pins... this stabbing pain.
Here's one in my back again.
Those friends who pretended to care,
blacken my heart and bleed it bare.

My heart is dark, it bears a mark.
Mark to betray, mark of decay.

Needles, pins... this piercing pain.
There's one in my back again.
I can't keep my bleeding heart.
These pins will only tear it apart.

I don't want this, don't want abyss.
The mark consumes, mark of doom.

Needles, pins... this killing pain.
They're stuck in my back again.
Blood drips down, onto the ground,
Blackens, dies, without a sound.

Mark hurts more, kills to the core.
devours on... my world is gone.

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