Jesse Bauer Poems

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Absent Passion

(Verse I)
I can’t sleep in this bed tonight
Without you here
And your side is empty now

Sagittarius - Random And Funny

Sagittarius, the archer of lore.
With a personality you will adore.
Philosopher, explorer, open of mind.
Half-horse, half-man, a rare kind.

The Crucible

A woman with but one live child,
Of eight she had begun,
Cannot understand what haunts her
As a good Christian one.

Dear God

Dear, God:

I just thought that I’d confess. As your son, I’m not the best. I have sinned and not lightly. I have lost the grip you’ve held so tightly. The straight and narrow is hidden in my crimes: lust, lies, hatred, and swearing so many times. My hope is that your love will forgive, though unworthy, I want to live, in your kingdom in your heart. From your grace, I shall not part. A vacation south is not in my desire; your highness is far beyond a searing fire. I’m lost and lonely, unsure what to do, so may I come and stay with you? Please write back in any form you want, the best is a letter, but please make it legible font. Thanks again for taking this time, to read my prayer and bless my rhyme. I look forward to your letter. I believe that’s all it takes to feel much better. Forgive my writing, it’s sometimes messy. I’m writing with love.

Lust Is My Disease

(Verse I)
I can taste your lips
At my finger tips
Though you’re still so far away

Pincushion - Story Of A Work Of Art

The Story
By: Savanna Hilyer

The girl is holding a black hole. its her heart. All the pins are being pushed into

Last Rites

I held it in for the longest time how much I loved you so.
I always knew you'd never love me, And hoped this love would go.

It tore me apart at my very seams, you grasped my soul and squeezed.


He swore that he would love you.
Said that he would stay.
Even now, when at school,
others point and say,


I feel this love like a heavy load
our love a quilt that's tightly sewed

pieces patched in abstract places

Sweet Dreamer

I lie here sleepless watching you, with a proudly well shown smile.
Knowing just to have you love me, I'll go that extra mile.
My love for you, it flourishes, by day and days from there.
That love grows on in every day, with more than I can spare.

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