Pitfalls Of Caring Poem by Flying Lemming

Pitfalls Of Caring

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It’s hard to have no one dislike you, for if you are friendly to all
Then some will see it as suspicious or odd, and think that you play them the fool
It’s tough to be truly honest, as even if you speak no lies
There are those who will question just what do you mean, as they view you through accusing eyes
It’s difficult to be giving, be generous and continue to give
For some will ask what’s in it for you, there must be some other motive
Its’ not easy to welcome the stranger, to offer your home as their home
For some will decide that there must be a catch and rather be left alone
It’s a struggle to show some compassion, for it may be mistaken for love
And you can be blamed for any that fall and think that you gave them a shove
It’s much easier to just be nasty, vindictive and cold hearted inside
To tell all the lies and con everyone and get all of them on your side
But that way will lead to rejection, isolation from all that you near
For its better to be disliked for kindness than to be loved in fear

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