I Love You As You Are - Now Change Poem by Flying Lemming

I Love You As You Are - Now Change

Rating: 4.1

I love the way you talk to anyone, do you have to talk to her
I love the way you love animals, you know I’m allergic to fur
I love the way you are different, you’re not going out in that hat
I love the way you dance, do you have to embarrass me like that
I love the way you are well read, you gonna waste money on that book
I love the way you think I’m beautiful, why’d you give me that leering look
I love the way you’ll help anyone, bet it’s just to fuel your ego
I love the way you’re spontaneous, this isn’t where I wanted to go
I love the way I fill you with desire, I told you I’m not in the mood
I love the way you’re relaxed about your body, do you really need all that food
I love the way you are still fun, do you really need that toy
I love the way you still act young, sometimes you’re like a little boy
I love the way you collect me from work, isn’t it time you got a new car
I love the way I feel natural around you, stop looking while I’m only in my bra
I love the way you always have a smile, why’d you have to wear that silly grin
I love that you just let yourself go, do you really have to try to sing
And if you keep on with that annoying laugh I don’t think I’ll last another day
I’m so glad we met ‘cos I think that you’re perfect … why you walking away?

Inna Faustova 25 August 2007

To love a person means to accept his peculiarities and flaws...and it's useless to try to change him and, what is worst, it hurts... I guess it's an intimate poem and i like it a lot. Good work.Made me think about it...

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Jasbir Chatterjee 25 September 2015

great poem...nothing can be perfect in life, so one has to love everyone the way they are...congrats on having this as poem of the day today on PH!

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Colin J... 02 September 2007

I wonder? ? ? . Great, Colin J...

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Random Crap 01 September 2007

I love this poem its excellent! Really made me smile which i needed right now. Thanks! x-x-x

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Frankie Stones 29 August 2007

lol i like the poem hope to see many more like it Yours Always Frankie x x x x

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Adeline Foster 28 August 2007

I laughed at the title, I laughed when I read the poem, and I am still laughing. I love it, I love it. Great poem. Gave it a 10 Adeline

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