Pity But Goodbye It Is Poem by suadz acri

Pity But Goodbye It Is

I would stick my eyes to the blues
but would be left with no clue
i have no idea what to do
And ours is a story i would write to rule

You were so imperfect,
i perfectly loved that of you,
Intrigued for days not few,
How? is a question no longer new.

A paradox i cant explain,
maybe i was a sucker for you,
maybe all those moments were true,
and i will know not to make a truce.

i played it cool,
as scared not to let go,
the thought of loosing you,
left my heart burned and ashed,
i was so busy and rushed,
i didn't realize i was being mushed.

You drove a giant wedge amidst us,
you drove me under the bus,
you were special to me but maybe it didn't suit,
and am not afraid to pluck the roots.

Dear, you cant be my foe.
i cant hate and affront you,
for that would mean am as imprudent as you,
To me a stranger you would rather be,
for those i call enemies,
are deserving merit title beings.
its just such a shame i have to say goodbye.
for i love me,
but i pity more of you.
so hold on to the few memories
trust me you need it more than i do...

Monday, January 16, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: lost love
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