Anger Poem by suadz acri


Just a peep to my heart
and see the wounds and scars left
Just a glimpse of my hand
that is filled with past junk
This anger hatred and need for vengeance
This ill temper is driving me mad
I hear your name
i blow up and i don't know why
All these flashbacks feeding on my mind
the memory of you one of a kind
The good, the bad, the bitter,
and most of all how gracefully you stubbed me
straight to my heart with a dagger of your actions
The bleeding that killed all trust in me
I wish for just a moment i could forget you
i wish my attitude would go away
i wish my anger would stay at bay
the memory of you hurts everyday
The anger inside me grows stronger by the day
the anger that wont let me cry
the anger that that is tearing me apart
the anger that wont go away
the anger that makes me not fine
Am not one to habour grudges
you ruined me
and all my hatred merges
Yes, pain demands to be felt
yes, i want revenge
yes i want you to pay
maybe then will my anger go away
maybe then will your memory fade away
maybe then will i feel whole again
- -M.Q- -

Wednesday, March 1, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: anger
Edward Kofi Louis 01 March 2017

My heart! ! Thanks for sharing.

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Suadz Acri 03 March 2017

you are welcomed.its my pleasure

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