Platform Everyone Poem by David Welch

Platform Everyone

It seems a day cannot go by
without some fit of pique
over a person who spoke out,
who used his right to speak
to say something that other folks
do not want to be heard,
and instead of not listening
they try to censor his words.
They cry out loud: ‘That's hateful, '
No matter what you say,
they'll declare almost anything
to make you go away.
Free speech is not a thing to them,
expression matters not,
power means more than principle,
they've all succumbed to that rot.
But just because they are too weak
to deal with difference,
does not mean we should self-censor
to somehow placate them.

Such people won't be satisfied,
they demonize their own
if they stray a bit out of line,
they'll cost them job or home.
Small bits of power aren't enough,
give them one hit, they'll want more,
show weakness and they'll double down,
you'll always be abhorred.
It's something right out of Orwell,
these socialist witch hunts,
so instead of appeasing them,
I say platform everyone!

The right, the left, the center too,
the up, down, south, and north,
we need to hear all points-of-view,
evaluate their worth.
We need all these ideas to clash,
we need steel to sharpen steel,
so the weak ones will fall away,
in favor of the real.
And we need this churn constantly
to adapt to endless change,
the arguments on what still works
shows where things need to change.

All those who would stop this process
should be called out strongly,
we've all seen ‘one idea' nations,
they just end horribly.
The Soviets and the Fascists,
and Islamist Iran,
the lack of free expression leaves
entire cultures damned.
Those who suppress differing views
and claim it's ‘compassion'
are tyrants with a smiling face,
who would see freedom undone.
I say platform everybody,
give all viewpoints their time,
human beings are able to
judge and make up their minds.
And if you cannot handle it,
if it drives you 'round the bend,
then there's a way to handle that:
Simply choose to not listen.

Friday, October 30, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: expression,freedom,freedom of speech,how i feel,perspective,philosophy,political,rhyme,society,tyranny
Khairul Ahsan 03 November 2020

Thanks for your answer to my comment. It's now clear to me. My views are similar to yours, though sadly, day by day more and moe people are being denied of 'Platforms' by savage, shrewd and sly means and machinations.

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Khairul Ahsan 30 October 2020

'And if you cannot handle it, if it drives you 'round the bend, then there's a way to handle that: Simply choose to not listen.' - a good conclusion. I am not quite sure though, what might 'platform everyone' mean.

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David Welch 31 October 2020

'Platform everyone' means allow them platforms to speak. Recently there's been people trying to get speakers they don't like 'deplatformed, ' meaning they try to get their speeches and interviews cancelled so nobody can here what they have to say. I believe in the opposite, letting everyone speak for people can decide for themselves. So that's what I was saying with that phrase. Thanks for reading!

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L MILTON HANKINS 30 October 2020

Thanks so much for expressing these important views in such a cogent fashion.

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