Playdate Of The Month Poem by Axley Jade Blaze

Playdate Of The Month

The way that child asked to play
Oh, I know you remember that day!
I know you'll (forever) hear them say:
'Let's play, come on, let's play.'

I know somewhere in that demented maze 
Your brain highlights the dates,  
As it fixates
When she did say:
'Come on! Yes, come, let's play.'

The child stumbles forward
That child has no clue
Until she's asked to play
Before that day you had the beast subdued.

If only she knew,  
What substance makes up all of you:
There is none, you're empty
So, hey—why not ruin her too?

Every day, you probably circle the dates,
The dates when she did say:
'Please come out today, let's play.'
If only knew
Who really awaited her
Who would inevitably rape her

God, if they ever had a clue
What stirs the beast, what stirs you
Slay the beast, I mean you
Slay you right into two.

But, they never have a clue,
Until it's too late
None of them ever do.

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Playdate Of The Month
Saturday, June 8, 2024
Topic(s) of this poem: sad love,sadness,rape,children,sadistic
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