Annie Copper

Please Forgive Me - Poem by Annie Copper

I never meant to hurt you, I never meant to cause you pain,
I pray that I can dry your eyes, and wipe away the pain.
I don't blame you if you hate me, anyone else would,
I wish I hadn't told those lies, and let you in as I should.
I beg for your forgiveness, I beg that you don't leave,
I beg you can empty those thoughts and let your mind be freed.
I love you very very much, I hope that you will see,
How much you being in my life, will always mean to me.
I am so sorry yet again, for causing you this pain,
Even though I was looking out for you, I did the wrong thing yet again.
You know how much I cherish you, when you look deep inside,
You see the pain of losing you, falling from my eyes.
Nothing in this world can give, the feeling of your love,
You are my soulmate and my hero, my one true turtledove.
What I did was stupid, a monumental mistake,
My heart is still here waiting, it's here for you to take.
I hope that you can listen, and see within my eyes,
The sincere appolgy I give, comes with tears inside.
My heart, my soul, my body, all belong to you,
I long for you to free these thoughts, and feel the same way too.
I hope that your not drowning, I hope you stay afloat,
I hope that we get through this, and don't let it rock our boat.
You know I longed to tell you, you knew that I was scared,
The anguish that I felt with this, to now can't be compared.
Believe that you can trust me, believe in you and me,
Time is a great healer, one day you will see.
Do not let this beat you, you are stronger than that,
One day we will forget all this, and that stupid prat.
Some time ago I told you, I will be forever by your side,
I promise you that this is true, whatever you decide.
I will always be yours, forever in your heart,
Even if you do not want it, in you it will always, be a shining part.
I love you so completely, so fundamentally,
Without you I am falling, I am breaking mentally.
Without the love I have from you, I will not have a life,
I will not know just what to do, but know I cannot take that knife.
Without being able to free myself, from the misery and pain,
I do not know how, I will be able to restrain.
I owe you so very very much, I have so much to prove,
Know that always and forever more, I'll be in love with you. `
I did not mean to hurt you, please believe in me,
I cannot bear to let you go, so please stay here with me.
My tears are falling thick and fast, I am in dispair,
Please bring your heart back to me, or my mind will tear.
I am in a black hole, not knowing where you are,
Will you come back to me, or forever stay afar?
Once again know that I love you, and how sorry that I am,
Please stay with me sweetheart, and tell me that you can.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, November 4, 2012

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