Atef Ayadi

Please Let The Pain Normal Poem - Poem by Atef Ayadi

i wan you

to be

my only


je suis

a fly

you and I

may be so fu aaa aaa ked like this

you and I

you and i ai




pri sonier

UN presonier

we will have ways

for you

for your eyes

every thing beingin beigin ben gin jin jin

i love
you \\ooooo? ? ? song

chantezz chantee

pour oblieeererrr errree

c'est uunnnnnn biennn

que je fait

avec to amour

et beau

et aussi

tu es belll

et je ne regrette rien

you are my love

sans illusion


< br>
un amour infini

un amour

je ne sais pas eileen

beaucoup que moi aa ahhh

au aah ahhh gggg jaaa

jayyy un amour



que moi


is bed

every night

is not skin

to skin

how the faccck rassion vodka

i can not see it


fact are fact

i have to be pilite

and the facttting bordoms

is killing poem s to be



est ce que

keep it tide

ur ass
is mass
my mass

my ass
is killing me
in the groude

i will take bee it che to the grouond......

stop this
beeting that killings


my heart beats for
is killing me

give me

a call

if life is not b

plus de toi

pluss la vie....

do not be said

eshhhi pa PAA PAS

plus que toi....

ah aha ha

di moi

you ass is figue

ta fivure
n'est pas une science

un figue

quelque soit

what you know

what is history

of woman


man to man

experience is somethjing

something? ? ? ?

has to be done

babi and your ar bittchin

follow me here and there

fck to kilo ratalon

i am not you bee it ch

ch ch ech ien de berger

chameau....? ? ? ?

chameau.... sha aha sh shs a aaaaaaa

mo mo ooooo mo

i love you

baby? ? ? ?

are you still

what up? ? ? ? .....funcking me me

me and you
the way you like it....

noise to noise
noise to loise

skin to loise
skin skin bababy bi bi

biii yess i was born yestrdays.....

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, January 9, 2010

Poem Edited: Thursday, January 28, 2010

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