Brooke Harris

Please Try To Understand - Poem by Brooke Harris

Please, please, try to understand,
if not for a day, then for a night.
Please, try to see the light of reason,
the rays of truth and right.
Please, don’t throw away what we have,
of what we had if it is in the past.
Please, why do you leave me so,
heartbroken and stuck in the moot.
Please, why won’t you let me penetrate
the castle of your heart?
Please, why do you have to so
diligently stand guard.
Please, do not give me that look,
so full of sadness and doubt.
Please, what did I ever do to deserve being shut out,
what have I done to dishonor your trust.
Please, oh valiant knight upon the wall,
what have I done to forsake your love?
Please, doubtful gentleman at the ball,
don’t be so remote, not at all.
Please, please, try to understand,
I never betrayed your heart in the night.
Please, try to see that in protecting
yours, mine was taken instead.

Ah, there, I see it!
Reason has finally come to your eyes.
You finally see the justice of the night.
Do you notice how I tremble
at the sight, of my noble knight fighting
for my right?
Swept up in your strong embrace,
I finally can bring my broken heart
back to rights.
Thanks for trying to understand.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, October 26, 2011

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