Liza Sud

Poem. Bb. Part 2 - Poem by Liza Sud

You were fighting from England
Every possible day,
To the world you let fleeing
Swift ideas like plane.

Of all thinkable parties
What you chose was - the saint.
It was called – Ressurect!

All the anti-semitic
in an instant forgave.
because losses in business
you yourself were to blame.

You said that Russia doesn’t
Need a vertical power
And «in toilet to drown»
Is not Holy endowment.

But its subjects to strengthen
And resources hand out,
Otherwise Russia’s waiting
An enormous collapse.

Paradoxical matter:
Among hundreds of friends
Were a person non-grata
Anytime, everywhere.

Only immense willpower
And ideas that burned –
When the enemies flattened
Didn’t give you to stop.

Love for world and for people,
Optimism that you had
Among fears and windstorms
Predetermined your life.

And you said: to be happy
God created a man.
And all their inquiries
Out of Love he complied.

You supposed, that the conscious
Is embodied in thought –
It dictates all the wanted –
And you get what deserved.

Thus your struggle for idea
And to come to the end
Notwithstanding the fizzle –
That was always your way.

Kind is our Universe.
Always apt to fulfill
Any motion of yours,
If in bid you believe.

If the aim’s not to stash,
But comparing two
Weaker neighbor to crush –
Evil spirit here ruled.

From Elizabeth Gloster
Could predict the laydown.
Not for millions dollars –
But for justice you strived.

Among rules you were sparkling,
But they were not from God.
And abroad you left Russia’s
Half of wealth - all you had.

You were crying for Russia,
That just turned you away,
When they took all your money -
To Last Judgment you came.


You hoped, with Internet appearing,
This wide web opened to the world -
there will be much more light for people
and lie and slander will be gone.

Topic(s) of this poem: political, political utopia

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, November 19, 2015

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