H.i Chesebit

Poem Titles At A Glance – 2nd Feb.2008 Br (One Reader’s Response To The Titles)

‘Brewding Storm’
(My spellchecker knows not the word Brewding)
‘I don't want to be here’
(Click the little x in the red box top right corner of screen)
‘Kisses and butterflies’
(But have you ever kissed one on the fly?)
‘Black Angle’
(Turns out he meant Angel, surprise!)
‘Pink and Erect’
(No thanks, I’ll stick with the black angle or perhaps triangle)
‘My Self talk in Dialogue’
(O.K. but don’t believe everything you hear.)
‘, , Intoxicated I Live’
(Sometimes that’s the only way to go.)
‘, , I Betray The World”
(So, how much to talk you out of it?)
‘Beauty in the eyes of the beer-holder’
(I hold one every time I scan these titles.)
‘Perfection Sucks! ’
(Thus should man seek Perfection!)
‘Growing Men.’
(May I refer you to the previous poem title.)
‘(O) More Nothingness...’
(This one in the running for “Oxymoronic title of the month”)
‘me myself and i’
(We hope the three of you find happiness together.)
‘Who? (death part: 2) ’
(Meant only for those who survived death part: 1)
‘She Won't Leave Her Mother’
(You won’t be getting any nookie.)
‘The Ear in Tear’
(The Nose in Whisper –did I break the code?)
‘read my mind’
(If we could you would not have needed to post this.)
‘(((()))) Recommend for none(((()))) ‘
(Need I argue against your own recommendation?)
‘Drink My Sin’
(Uh, no thanks... really!)
‘Against all odds’ and the very next title on the list ‘Million’
(Lottery Kismet? These two seemed destined to appear in tandem.)
‘we stuck together’
(Sure hope it isn’t “Super Glue”)
‘Just Sign on the Dotted Line and it will all be over –‘
(I am putting down my pen this instant!)
And last, but not least for today:

‘The Ravin’ Lunatic’
(Me, after a day of scanning poem titles)

Dear Readers, Though these are the actual titles of poems on the new poems list, my selection of them for this little experimental write was based on the titles alone and my corresponding comments merely a knee-jerk response to the title itself. In no way does their inclusion in this piece reflect upon the quality of the poem itself. Though I do read as many poems as time allows each day, I have not read every one of those listed above.

To the authors: Please believe I mean you and your work no disrespect. I LOVE POETRY, and though I often find the titles a source of amusement when taken on their own, it is an interesting or unique title which is most likely to catch the reader’s eye. If your poem title is listed above, I thank you for your efforts and I hope you will consider this as just a little free publicity. -H.i.

Poem Submitted: Friday, February 1, 2008
Poem Edited: Friday, February 1, 2008

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Comments about Poem Titles At A Glance – 2nd Feb.2008 Br (One Reader’s Response To The Titles) by H.i Chesebit

  • Bri EdwardsBri Edwards (1/18/2013 7:20:00 PM)

    see, i actually did look at a second of your poems. i try to give good clues [after my titles] as to the subject matter and sometimes length of the poem. i laughed at least twice while reading your spectacular (is that too much to say?) poem. i am tempted to read pink and erect but i have enough of my own problems. well, done, as if you didn't know already. thanks for sharing. bri

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  • Phill A. O. Soul (2/1/2008 7:45:00 PM)

    Fun stuff Hi. hope no one takes offense.

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