Poemhunter Poetry Contest Poem by Denis Martindale

Poemhunter Poetry Contest

My word, what's this? A contest here?
With money on the line?
The winner known within a year?
Yes, please! That's mighty fine...
I clicked the link upon the screen,
Perusing poems done,
To find the best I've ever seen...
Till choosing only ONE!
Each title shouting to be picked,
'Choose me, not them, just me! '
But in the end I must be strict,
Selecting poetry...
I made my choice, I clicked its link,
Yet would it be approved?
Until I knew, I had to think,
What if it's been removed?
But, thankfully, it all went well...
So now I'm forced to wait!
The semi-finals! Who can tell
If I will celebrate?
To get that far means some success
For any poet here,
For poemhunter's choice would bless
And cause some folks to cheer...
But in the meantime, what to do?
Stay thankful, write some more!
Then I'll upload my point of view,
That's what our website's for!

Denis Martindale, copyright, August 2013.

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