Poems About Poems About Poems Poem by Shalom Freedman

Poems About Poems About Poems

Poems about poems about poems-
More poems and more poems and more poems-
Poems poems poems poems poems-
How many poems?
How much poetry
Until there is no poetry at all?

But only 'words' and 'words' and 'words'
Until one goes far away
Where there was never a poem before-
And suddenly hears
“Let there be Light”.

And Poetry perhaps
Is born again.

Britte Ninad 28 May 2018

Yeah “Let there be Light”. nice 10++++

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Nikki Williams 21 December 2017

I loved this one because it helpes me on my 2 test grade paper for school. Thank You soooo... much and have a Merry Chritmas

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Brian Kim 17 December 2012

Heres a poem The Peculiar Poem By Brian Kim Funny that you had said to me, That the world is slowly spinning, Funny that you had said to them, That the Arsenals are losing. It is quite peculiar how, You had said that time flies so fast, But even though you object and jeer, That is now all in the way past. Funny that you said to the pilot, That death was drawing very near, Funny is that now you are chow-mien, It was all by his own deaf ear.

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Andrew Del Pilar 04 December 2012

It is a good poem because it is about poems!

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Indira Renganathan 20 October 2009

Yes...poetry is for enlightening only.....thank you

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