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The beauty of a poem
The beauty of music
The beauty of light
The beauty of life

A man alone
is a night alone
is a poem alone
a man alone

Poems about poems about poems-
More poems and more poems and more poems-


A few kind words
From a stranger far away


A life is lived the way it is lived
I did what I did


A poem of frustration, rage, bitterness, resentment, disappointment, envy, sadness, sickness, despair, depression, fear-
All feelings of down and darkness and shame and lust and emptiness

A man walks slowly to his own grave
And whether he stops or runs,
A man walks slowly to his own grave
wherever he is,

My Despair comes and goes
It is not the ultimate despair
The despair of those who have forever lost hope
The despair of those who have lost what they never will regain


When there is no hope and nothing to hope for
When no specific path presents itself


There are so many poets
Many have won prizes


We are not fourteen billion years old
We are not even two-hundred thousand


Let’s leave the ‘poems’ without metaphors
Bare and stark and original


Sadness sadness sadness
It will never end


I am not the poet’s poet-
The one poets of name and fame admire-


I cannot say what Death is
Or what it means


The stars do not know that they are stars
They do not know how violent they are-


I may not have been a very good poet
Not even a good poet


The poem means more than it says.
It hears within itself the sense of what a page can’t know-


We are commanded to love God
But who are we to ‘love God'?

I hear my own silence
I try to write my nervousness away
I really do not know what to do anymore
Maybe I am at the end of my road

Shalom Freedman Biography

Poetry has been with me all my life. My father of blessed memory Reuben Kelly Freedman loved to recite outloud favorite passages. I learned from him the love of the sounding voice. My mother of blessed memory, Edith Zeibert Freedman loved music, and music was in her soul. I from an early age loved to read, and I found in those readings reflections of my own soul. In the American schools of my day 'memorization' of poems was a required task. But to me it was more than required. It was a passion. To memorize the lines and hold them deep inside was to enrich oneself. One can walk anywhere with a poem one has and bring it back any time, and with it give oneself energy for the heart and soul. I have loved to read Poetry all my life. I could tell the story of my first small groping efforts to make my feelings felt in words. They were strengthened by readings and rereadings of anthologies of Poetry including one little yellow- covered Mentor volume a good share of the poems of which I have by heart to this day. 'Psalms I loved and next to Psalms Wordsworth and Shakespeare, And nothing of Donne and Hopkins Coleridge and Dickinson was strange to me. Stevens and Keats and Whitman too like those words of Ecclesiastes seared my soul Poetry has been my life and all those lines of others greater than my own mingle with mine in my heart And in their sounds of love as sacred lines and thoughts remembered make us more grateful and glad we live. And in the subsequent years I have reading and writing Poetry. There is one book of poems published, 'Mourning for my Father'.(Field Books 1989) And there is another book of poetic thought: 'Life as Creation: A Jewish Way of Thinking About the World' (Jason Aronson,1993) . But the overwhelming mass of my poems are scattered among old papers, most likely never to be redeemed. Out of a sense that all would go without ever anyone knowing about it, I took the opportunity offered by the most poetic - friendly site, I know, 'Poemhunter' to post poems here. I hope they bring some light and enjoyment, some music and consolation, some inspiration and insight to any and all who read them.)

The Best Poem Of Shalom Freedman

The Beauty Of A Poem

The beauty of a poem
The beauty of music
The beauty of light
The beauty of life
The beauty which makes us want to live life more
The beauty which pains us inside
The beauty in longing.
The beauty we come upon by surprise
The beauty of the day and the beauty of the night
The beauty we all have inside us
The beauty we can see and feel and never explain
The beauty that lifts us up
The beauty that makes us want to live more
The beauty that makes us reach out to God
The beauty we want to thank God for
The beauty of lilacs
The beauty of autumn leaves
The beauty of the people we love
The beauty that pervades life
The beauty that turns away from us
And will not let us be a part of it
The beauty we hold on to fragilely
As a driven leaf
The beauty the beauty the beauty
Oh life oh God of goodness oh death
The beauty we can never see
And the Beauty within us all
Oh God
The Beauty in us and Beyond us all.

Shalom Freedman Comments

James Timothy Jarrett 24 July 2008

Cute and catchy with some deep meaning underneath it.

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p.a. noushad 14 October 2009

your poems are the great gift of imagination

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Mary Douglas 22 August 2014

Dear Sir, Your poems are clearly beautiful and extraordinary. It is a shame and a disgrace (not yours but those of contemporary publishers, etc.) that all your poems are not published. You are a great poet and clearly the inspiration from God is with you like the glory hidden in a cloud, but not hidden. Please take care of your health and write every poem you have in you to write and if I were you I would publish everything here from every last scrap of paper because these poems should live. And this is one way you will know you have tried to make your whole opus known and I'm certain that God will bless the light He has given you to carry. Please keep trying to publish more in other ways, too. I believe we live in a time unfriendly to true poetry though I don't know the reason for it. Still we must try until the day we die and that is all we can do. God bless you your family whom you honor, and thank you so much for sharing your poems here on poemhunter. I am so grateful to be able to read them. Sincerely, Mary Angela Douglas

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Shalom Freedman 10 June 2021

For Mary Douglas,

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Sanziana Caraman 22 September 2020

I am writing a paper about metaphor for the Handbook of Mathematics of the Arts and the Sciences and I wish to quote some lines if Shalom Freedman's Poem. How can I reach him for a request permission? sanziana caraman " Gh.Asachi" tech. univ. email: sanziana.caraman@ gmail

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Shalom Freedman 10 June 2021

if this is still relevant, here is my E-mail Shalomfrng,

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Kumarmani Mahakul 25 October 2018

On behalf of all fellow poets, Poem Hunter Family and our Mahakul Family we offer a title of honour to poet Shalom Freedman from Troy, New York as, Sublime Goodwill. From today onward the poet will be known as Sublime Goodwill Shalom Freedman. This title is offered to him due to his long-time literary perseverance and valuable contribution to the world literature. We hope, all fellow poets, people and visitors will like this.

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Ena N. Mori 09 April 2016

No poet today even comes close to how you glorify poetry with simple words yet in oh so hallelujah order. You conquer our hearts with your honest expression of how tough it gets but manage to win every night with a beautiful composition. See you often at Poemhunter poetry park where you play your role as the ultimate master poet. You have many fans here who are drawn to your poetic style. Thank you and God Bless Sir Shalom Freedman!

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 23 October 2015

I am one of his numerous fans. the old age and its pain and loneliness are well expressed in his poem..thank you Shalom freedman..

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Today I came for the first time in contact with your writing, your poems. And I have to say your writing is beyond believe.For some of your poems are from such a high standard of writing they belong in my opinion in the top 500.In fact in the top 50 Greetings Mario, L, R. Odekerken

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Shalom Freedman Quotes

What is important at the moment is not that the Stars are moving away from us, but that we are destroying the Earth.

Loving Truth means learning to live with Disappointment.

The great mass of cultural creators live lives of quiet mediocrity.

The first question about the future of Humanity is whether or not there will be one.

It seems that we have no real knowledge of our own distant future except suspicious speculations.

A personal God is the only One it makes sense to pray for help from.

Praying for one's own personal needs is one major way humans show belief in a personal God.

The hope of an after-life for those we love would seem to depend upon the reality of a personal God.

It is remarkable how concerned we are with creating immortal works when we know we will not be witness of their enduring even one generation after us.

The Universe is by and large too violent and dark to really be very much loved.

The world-to-come cannot provide full and complete compensation to those who have suffered unjustly in this one.

It is impossible to really understand how life could be meaningful if it were to last forever.

The glory jest and riddle of the world apparently has no other intelligent species in the Universe it can talk to.

The human story does not begin with humanity and apparently will not end with it.

We live for and because of those we love.

The day will come when the day will not come.

To walk in the way of God is to live in kindness.

Helping others gives meaning to life.

The more we know, the more we know how much more we will never know.

The more we have learned about the Cosmos the more we have learned how fragile and uncertain our own place in it is.

We may never know if there are other Universes beside our own.

In order to be somewhere else in the Universe, we will most likely have to become something else, other than what we are now.

The best we can do is too often, not good enough.

Music we love teaches us feelings we did not know we had.

There is a pleasure in creating that often leads us to still seek it when our power for creating is lost.

A human being is more than just a mind or a soul.

Our equations for revealing the physical structure of the Universe might not need God, but our needs as loving and caring human beings do

Greatness too is mortal.

Humanity has in a relatively brief time understood more about the universe than all other species taken together, including those who have lived billions of years more than us.

The old are most often too tired and weak to be adventurous, even in thought.

Cruelty is the greatest sin.

We see from the stars far away, the light of yesterday.

It is not only that there is much we do not know, and not even that there is much we will never know, but that there is so much it is impossible to ever know

It is remarkable that we can know so much about the distant cosmic future without knowing what will happen the next day here on Earth.

There is always too much negative reality we can do nothing about.

Walking humbly with God is not only a religious ideal, it is a way of being realistic about one's own true place in the world.

There is a certain sadness in the aging of world population.

It is disheartening to know we cannot know what will happen to our descendants in future generations.

Only God can save us in the distant human future.

We cannot completely understand even ourselves. How then can we be expected to completely understand anyone else?

Despair is itself a kind of forgetting, forgetting the blessings we have in our life and the good that we ourselves have done.

The world is always changing in ways we could not possibly have anticipated.

It is easier to believe in God when we pray to God.

The more we care for someone, the more we suffer when they suffer.

Without God we are forever lost.

We are all many selves and only one, and none at all.

To think of the End is to live in despair.

The more we know about the Universe the more we know how limited our power to transform it in any significant way.

If one wishes to remain an optimist one should not focus on the long run.

Poetry is the most powerful and beautiful linguistic expression of human feeling.

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Shalom Freedman Popularity

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