Poems Storm Poemhunter.Com Poem by Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman

Poems Storm Poemhunter.Com

Poemhunter site is very vast
Poems flood the site severely
In a day too many poems come
O- God- Time is so limited

All know this vital truth
All love to contribute
They place their thoughts
For the World to enjoy

But, reading all the poems
Is indeed a tough task
Though it will be thrilling
Practical problems are there

But poemhunter is so attractive
It gives scope for improvement
One can write as per one’s liking
Readers are given vast choices

If a person establishes his name
All will surely throng his writings
Unfortunately person like me
Is only a budding poet at present

Even though kind-hearted people
Send a message immediately
Developing into a famous poet
Needs a skilful strategy to follow

It is surely a very tough task
It requires a great preparation
One must have to toil very hard
It is like emptying an ocean

All want to be recognized soon
Which is not at all a wrong attitude
Nowadays all try to write poetry
And this cannot at all be criticized

When a soul is in this World born
God gives to it immediately emotion
It starts thinking without efforts
So writing poetry is one’s birth-right

Poemhunter is giving great training
To help all to exhibit their skill
This indeed deserves commendation
May poemhunter forever exist strongly!

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