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Politic-3-Cauchy3 - Poem by cheung shun sang

Politic -3…

To obey, to need and terrors are three.
Demand obedience from followers.
Give and take the needs as tricks or treats.
Want for helps in terrors as guilds to submissions.
Stretches on ways are all to dictate.
Peoples call him through with titles.

Claiming rights on jobs with snows are just to pass.
Find out truth but stretch on ways.
Only gods could cares.
Put a tail to head around.

Good reluctant go on seeing when as good as titles.
EM sick-ed rouge dogs.
Matter views are evil points.

Just another AGNUS -Dei was WOO YAO-BOM.
Zhao Chin -YO alike!
Both confined to home till death.

Good with name may good with titles when mixed.
Who are whose?
Whose people do on some-thing?
Devils take the hind.
Politics are politics.
Real on politics are real to come and go.

Greens to eyes are red to bloods.
Turn a buck and get a thing all together.
Go to politics take china Hollywood.
Every gear is sites to set.

Camp to follow lady sells.
Camp to follow very worst is men.
Obey your gods but loss your obi.

Wooed Jinx TO is obit on bits.
Will the earth regain the ellipses?
Poke or prod are silly powers.
Programs are digits to control.
Politics are bytes on sites.
To obey, to need and terrors are all on first.

Clean around the bend are clean and broke.
Good and bad in titles all are mixed and who are whose.
Greens to eyes are red to bloods.

Clean around the benches are not clean around the bend or clean and broke.

Public allowance gives us gruels.
All of us need a very well off lives.
Mixing blesses with good and badly titles are us.
Sticks and carrots as power shun-ters go and come.

---Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3---

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Poem Edited: Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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