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Rating: 2.7

-Roue dogs are with cat fishes.
Top cats’ bonus is bones.
Gifts are laces or Gods kisses.
Mergers bosses are with straw polls.

Pass your passes a package deal.
Clean pillows are muddy paths.
Loves are wings could not flee from earths.
Put the moons on eyes to far.

Get the norms a composite note.
Snakes powers are evil mazes.
Cats are fishes and the charts are made.
Gods and evils are jewels in worlds.

Logics are not from wrong to rights.
Have to have not are small or big.
Touch by shapes and play with norms.
Rules are beyond laws and to be joy.

Shape your words but grammars are your lives.
Joys are on tops but below our timing.
Jacks trades or actions riders!
But enlarge powers are extended minds.

Moneys rolls are lady bags.
Fortunes chests are close mines.
Bow to your crow loves lands.
Bad keys of lives are to fine.

Loves sensors are power detectors.
Flags of paths are moneys and assets.
Fix assets are for ethers.
Real powers are not good slates.

Glen Shorts 08 May 2006

When determinism fails, it takes a poem in search of an chaotic attractor! Good stuff. Alan Bender

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