Prayer Of Life Poem by william Dadeah Jr.

Prayer Of Life

Rating: 5.0

I pray through these shorelines of heaven to keep
To embrace our hearts, our minds, and dreams to sleep
From darkness, from famine, from war, and sorrow
For our God whom we adore is today and tomorrow
Let every child hold his place, and every man his faith
Believing, accepting others as we praise and wait
Alone, to whatever history in time we breathe
Through the making of the world, which wreath
Our incoming and going into life and ending breath
I pray may God enable us to live and love one another on earth
Though there are differences and changes, we cannot compare
Let’s leave the rest as favor, in Christ who cares
In weakness, in suffering, and mercy to love
More spiritually, more gracefully as below and much as above
Playing our parts in teaching, and learning his sacred word
To nourish our hearts and souls as in heaven, none less the world
Knowing Christ our healer, our savior, and the redeemer of sin
In whom, in abundance life is giving incessantly to the piousness of his pain
On Calvary for the seek of our wrong deeds on earth
In which by his power through light, he conquered death
I pray for all hearts and souls dwelling on breath and within
Chambers and all earthly habitats to obtain
One peace, one love, with certainty of one God
In prayers of life with Christ we seek and nod
Our heads down, our hands and eyes close, and our hearts up
In heaven and all prayers, I pray well in Christ our righteous cup

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