william Dadeah Jr. Poems

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(Is not much to say war can be?
But unlike a soldier his heart can see)

If only I knew war and all it flaws

Simply Little Things

It is the smallest tears that matter the most
The miniature hands, eyes, and smiles that host,
the incoming and outgoing of life alone the shore
The tiniest rain that make the season as tender and more


Life leaves a fleeting print of scar
Into the heart and all that is afar
But tell me something to know
What causes scar to show?

To Take...To Hold

To takeā€¦to hold the sweetest thing
That life can devour, keep, and bring
The hollow shape of a sinking well
Makes more thought and wonder to tell

Amity Seed

I sowed one but many seeds for friendship
Gradually, they all grew up easily and well
But to understand the world more and tell
The diversity of their tongues and hardship

Prayer Of Life

I pray through these shorelines of heaven to keep
To embrace our hearts, our minds, and dreams to sleep
From darkness, from famine, from war, and sorrow
For our God whom we adore is today and tomorrow


There is something
about life that amazes me
The trees, grasses, and all that is to see
You picture a view

God The Invisibility

God the invisibility
through which light glows
The great desert
through which water flows

The Three Is Growing Now

From another land
From another aid of a hand
Where dry seasons is like fall
Where the bushes are green and tall

In The Heart

In the heart, is like a chamber without a window
But with a secret entrance within an open meadow
Is like boiling water into a pot easily bubbling with steams
Yet when one touches, it burns, to whatever life it may seems

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