ally gunther

Predator - Poem by ally gunther

Just the slightest sight of you, and I’m injected, before I can even think, I want to attack, a mad hunt for my prey.
And when I catch you, I’ll play around with you a little, like a cat would a mouse, until finally giving you the fatal injury. My blood boils over, my pupils dilate, and all in the half a second I saw you.

But I sit in the corner of my consciousness, holding back the mad-man-like urges, willing the poisonous injection of hatred away, clutching at the thought of your “innocence”, yet every inch of my being urges me not to comply.

I cry out in pain, the memories of the past torturing me so, begging it to stop, for the suffering to end. And just as I let go, just as the end looms too close, my mind takes light of that day, when you were my puppet-master, when your hand decided my fate. And somehow, a mad smile, that of one pushed too far, as I was by you, creeps across my face, as I rock back and forth with tears trickling down my face.

A sharp pain, another injection and it all goes away, all that I felt when you left, it is now an infinitely small speck at the back of my memory. And I cackle madly, as I realize that your predatory days are over, and mine just beginning. I rise from the small dark corner and hesitate as I see your weakened state. And yet, you lie on the floor, dead before me, and my hesitation turns into something more…something more sympathetic, and before I gain control, my mind takes over, and heals you. I let you run from me, so that I may see you, and turn predatory again.


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Poem Submitted: Monday, March 7, 2011

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