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1. Primrose 5/17/2012
2. Cards 5/17/2012
3. Dreams 5/17/2012
4. Dropping The Nest 5/17/2012
5. Painting 5/17/2012
6. Single-Minded 5/17/2012
7. Spiral 5/17/2012
8. Water Allergy 5/17/2012
9. Cement 6/19/2012
10. Sugar Sphere 9/20/2012
11. Yellow Boat 3/5/2013
12. Asterisk 3/5/2013
13. Jungle Sprite 3/5/2013
14. The March 3/6/2013
15. Mr. Magic Man 4/28/2013
16. Principle 5/20/2013
17. Trenchcoat 5/20/2013
18. Hell 7/15/2013
19. Automatic 7/15/2013
20. Obselete 7/15/2013
21. Predator 3/7/2011
22. Prison 3/7/2011
23. The Cycle 3/7/2011
24. White 5/29/2011
25. Focus 5/29/2011
26. The Homeless 5/10/2012
27. It 7/29/2013
28. Makeup (The Cracks In The Compact) 8/22/2013
29. Walking Jagged 7/15/2013
30. Black Raven, White Dove 5/17/2012
31. Wrong Girl 5/10/2012
Best Poem of ally gunther

Wrong Girl

I'm eyeballing the wrong girl,
The noise and the splashes,
Of a local swimming pool,
So many people swimming,
But I'm not watching them-
I don't care who wins.

I'm looking at a girl,
An emotionally beautiful girl,
But wait…
All my life I've been told of the white wedding,
And two kid dream-
A handsome husband,
For whom I'll cook and clean…
Back to the real-
I long for the softness,
The sweetness only she can provide-
And the mock innocence of the act itself,
Mock- being the word,
And I can't help but wonder when I show the ...

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Days turn to nights, weeks to months and years.
So easily time is flying past a blur in my memory.
Seems only yesterday that we first met- and an hour ago you left.
But if it were possible for my focus to shift- my hourglass to stop turning so that the world will stop spinning for a second- I would use my strength to forget you.
Because the last time I invested my focus- time shifted so quickly that a blur of emotions past through, and they all played their part in destroying it.
And I regr

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