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1. Primrose 5/17/2012
2. Cards 5/17/2012
3. Dreams 5/17/2012
4. Dropping The Nest 5/17/2012
5. Painting 5/17/2012
6. Single-Minded 5/17/2012
7. Spiral 5/17/2012
8. Water Allergy 5/17/2012
9. Cement 6/19/2012
10. Sugar Sphere 9/20/2012
11. Yellow Boat 3/5/2013
12. Asterisk 3/5/2013
13. Jungle Sprite 3/5/2013
14. The March 3/6/2013
15. Mr. Magic Man 4/28/2013
16. Principle 5/20/2013
17. Trenchcoat 5/20/2013
18. Hell 7/15/2013
19. Automatic 7/15/2013
20. Obselete 7/15/2013
21. Predator 3/7/2011
22. Prison 3/7/2011
23. The Cycle 3/7/2011
24. White 5/29/2011
25. Focus 5/29/2011
26. Wrong Girl 5/10/2012
27. The Homeless 5/10/2012
28. It 7/29/2013
29. Makeup (The Cracks In The Compact) 8/22/2013
30. Walking Jagged 7/15/2013
31. Black Raven, White Dove 5/17/2012
Best Poem of ally gunther

Black Raven, White Dove

When it's black,
Like the raven,
The well is full, but full of what?
My sun is shining in a half pale burst,
With toxic, red hot guilt

And as if in stark contrast,
The white dove just hits home-
And its what I've always wanted alive,
But then when I give some brainpower,
I decide that maybe it could be dead-
And it took the black to show it.

But then the black of the raven,
So beautifully stunning,
I look at her and all I see,
Is the storm in her eyes,
And the dove
Should be crying
For it doesn't know
That my white ...

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The Cycle

Life, Love and Death; the three words that matter,
Life gives to all, extends the invitation,
It cares not what you look like and where you’ve come from,
It just gives to you. It is your choice what you do with it, and only you will regret your decisions in the end, when life ends.

Love gives you hope and emotion, connection and devotion,
The only thing you think about during life; friends, enemies,
Parents, wife. Lack of, or plenty of, or even somewhere in the neutral void.

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