Jessica Lindsey

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Pride & Consequence - Poem by Jessica Lindsey

In less time than it takes to pass the hours of a day
she slipped into a nightmare from which she could not break away.
From a crooked angle with blondish curls
he broke into her life
but she walked into his open arms,
a snare,
without a fight.
A moth enticed by resplendent bilk,
she lost sight of reality
captivated by his chameleon silks
masking certain fatality.
She drank his words, insatiable,
burned on his sleight of hand,
the Master with expert card control,
she was naked at his command.
And this is where the Magician flashed, losing his composure,
he whispered, hoarse, asking her to stand,
while the air throbbed around her.
The edge of her skin phosphorescent gold, cashmere velvet, charged,
magnetic drew his hand unbiddenly
and he devoured deeply, sweetly,
sipped her ambrosial balm, obsessively,
selfishly & foolishly, betrayed
the truth, his secret, himself, the boy beneath a cape. His bane.
His ploy exposed, it was too late
to hide the weakness he had shown
but she lay unclothed, innocent and he,
drunk on her elixir
felt compelled to bear all truth,
believed she would not run
and her hair smelled like summer.
He did not fear as the sun
fell into golden sleep
and the moon began her voyage,
they lay entwined, in shadows deep
he whispered his dark knowledge.
She never spoke one word to acknowledge
his confessions but he found too late his own mistake.
When he woke, she was gone without a trace.
Except his pillow.
His pillow smelled like summer.

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