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From the edges of my trembling lips
The word it stumbles, crumbles, slips
Heavy into the air, it hangs,
Then crashes down, a ton of bricks.


All the memories of you
Flooding back to my brain
All the memories of you
Are driving me insane.


An angel sleeping, beautiful
We'd love to linger and stare
But we know she awakes as the Devil
And we do not dare to be there

It's funny how when it's come to an end,
When you're truly walking out the door,
While I'm too proud to stop you,
My heart and head are waging war

i wish i was a little girl
still tripping on my laces
or sprawled across the floor with crayons
coloring silly faces.

I gave away my heart
And was surprised when I found,
Later on that night
My heart trampled on the ground.

The sun came out of nowhere,
Lifted shadows, there you were
And now you're sitting with me here
Chasing Lonely out the door.

So with flawless execution
You've left me hanging without conclusion
You, with the strength of twenty men
Claim to fear the wrath of a single one?

Pause at the door,
Heart racing.
I know what I will
Find, but hope...

In less time than it takes to pass the hours of a day
she slipped into a nightmare from which she could not break away.
From a crooked angle with blondish curls
he broke into her life

The trees are so pretty that line this road
but I've seen them so often that I've quite forgotten
I could drive in my sleep, yet avoid every pothole
and name every street without reading the sign on the pole.

my dreams disperse
watch your face drift
like smoke towards the ceiling,

Through half-drawn curtains
I watch you as you move
not out of obsession but
amazement. I want to learn

It appears that she applies
her pride with her makeup
(painting on confidence
with a pencil and brush)

She is beautiful, I am just me
How could I deny jealousy
When I see your arm around her waist
That you used to put around me.

I cried the night before I got married,
My dream was coming true, but whenever
Dreams come to life, they haunt you
Like nightmares do.

What once was hers became mine
And has since passed on to another.
It's strange how we switch and struggle
and strive just to throw out the

i've never experienced addiction
with desperation or affliction
but there's no other way to diction-
this burning in my blood.

empty, i am so empty
standing in the middle of a highway
somewhere that doesn't exsist.
thy sky spins around my head,

You can see her wings
When the light hits just right
She's the sunshine every day
And at night she is the moonlight

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From the edges of my trembling lips
The word it stumbles, crumbles, slips
Heavy into the air, it hangs,
Then crashes down, a ton of bricks.
You stare at me in disbelief,
I mask my pain and grit my teeth
Yet, even as I turn to leave
My heart ruptures, begins to bleed.
My feet, like lead, held to the floor
I force my steps, move towards the door
My heartstrings struggle, stretch and strain
Then tear my heart out by the veins.
Even so, I do not halt
And even now, I deny fault
Blood pumping from the gaping hole
As shock sets in to numb my soul
And just before all feeling's lost
I sense the ice, the creeping frost
Spreading fingers into me
Freezing to stone where my heart should be.

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