Clara Evelyn Clark Cummings

Virginia Beach, Virginia
Clara Evelyn Clark Cummings
Virginia Beach, Virginia
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Pride Prevents Progress

Rating: 3.2

There is one God Creator Who controls the Universe
No matter what you call Him when you worship or converse Material images by man will Holy God insult
He is not in the works of man or in a human cult God made the planets and controls the endless outer space
God made the many genes deciding every human race God can be seen in everything the human cannot do
Produce a seed, a mighty tree, a tiny bird egg too Because God "Mighty Spirit" wanted to communicate
He came to earth to talk with people all about their fate So God would need a human to convey to man His Plan
God Spirit chose to come to earth to walk and talk with man- But sinful man and Holy God are not compatible
Atonements made by humankind are not acceptable God Only could provide for man a Sacrifice for sin
One worthy of a Holy God, Blood cleansing from within God's Love provided righteous Blood, His Son the Righteous One
By Virgin birth all prophecies were fulfilled by God's Son God now can walk and talk with man possessed with Spirit God

Who listens when God's Word speaks by Messiah: Christ and Lord.
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