Psalm 9 Poem by Mahmoud Darwish

Psalm 9

Rating: 3.1

O rose beyond the reach of time and of the senses
O kiss enveloped in the scarves of all the winds
surprise me with one dream
that my madness will recoil from you
Recoiling from you
In order to approach you
I discovered time
Approaching you
in order to recoil form you
I discovered my senses
Between approach and recoil
there is a stone the size of a dream
It does not approach
It does not recoil
You are my country
A stone is not what I am
therefore I do not like to face the sky
not do I die level with the ground
but I am a stranger, always a stranger

Submitted by C.K.

Siril Uhlen 25 September 2020

In which book can I find this poem in arabic?

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Kim Barney 04 April 2015

Sorry, this one to me is not very understandable. Perhaps it truly deserves the rating of 6.5 out of ten given by the 19 voters so far.

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Edwin Empestan (alba) 22 August 2008

Peace be with the 'great poet' Hope his words to his poems will serve as an everlasting reminder to all mankind that there can be 'peace' as long as we give it a chance.

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Mahmoud Ramahi 09 August 2008

Today, you died a stranger in a strange land You fought with words against the Tank Bodies go but we know your spirit will stand To carry your words and remain a helping hand The day will come, the children will see the homeland

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