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'Time is ticking so fast' so they say that it waits for no one and life is very short that it can 'snap' anytime without a warning and soon you will be forgotten and becomes history.

Like any singer that was long gone before our time, still their songs remain and linger in our thoughts, memories, even played and be heared today our present time ...

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T. Alfred Norman 07 December 2008

My friend, tis I, keep searching for that reason to write. It is sincerely something spiritual and altogether walled off from the world, but still it is always deriving, always analyzing, always inspiring the muse within you from with out. May I recommend the poet, RAINER MARIA RILKE he has influenced my poetry through his verse and his notations of reality, and I think you would enjoy his works as well.

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(aaa) Another Day, Another Love And Coffee

As I wake up one shiny and happy morning on our soft and silky bed
With the birds singing sweetly, their lovely songs and bees buzzing
On a lovely garden of colorful flowers beside our window
Winds strongly blowing the green grass smelling fresh and invigorating

The sun just came out smiling and peeping our window’s curtain
Saying hello to us as its new morning coming again with great joy
While in a far distant the sound of the waves and sea gulls creates serenity
While the bees feast the nectar of flowers in our garden full of lives

My love and desire so great for you my love becomes intense and great
With strong a desire and great love for you, my heart pounds so strong
My whole body begins to tremble and shiver, my two feet begins to squirm
Now touching your side of the bed with my strong and gentle hand

There you are with your naked body wrapped in your silky soft blanket
Sleeping like a baby with your soft and delicate back touching my chest
I kiss your cheek and say 'I Love You', you moan and say I love you too
We get inside our warm blanket with our body so warm and so good

We booth shiver and make love, take turns with what our score be
So great so intense that we can no longer hear the singing of the birds
Except the pounding of our hearts and the smell of the sea in our bed
With our sounds of love and moaning for great love with each other

I feel your body so soft like a baby with great care I caress you softly
As you feel my hand touching your soft and silky skin you moan a sound
With those little helpless voice I began to caress you more saying I Love You
At last exhausted but very happy with each other we get on our side of the bed

Gasping, now we can hear again the birds singing their lovely madrigals
The bees gaily feast their nectars together with the humming birds
While the sea gulls gently going with the waves against the shores
And the sound of a coffee maker signal that it is another day for us

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Edwin Alba Empestan Popularity

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