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Psycho Babble Scribble Squabble And Scrabble (2) - Poem by Blu 1 Blu 1 (Rio de Janeiro)

Psycho Babble Scribble Squabble And Scrabble (2) First Stanza Rough

The world we live in is a wonderful place
And through God's grace it is filled with such beauty
From rocks to the trees and fish swimming in streams
Who other than God could have done such a job
Thank heaven for the wonder of creation
God created everything under the sun
Or so it's written in the Holy Bible
So why did he create us to destroy it
For it appears that everything mankind does
Destroys what God has created for our good
Yet in our eyes everything that we create
Is truly magnificent and wonderful
We all feel and believe we are all mighty
After all we can build cars and bullet trains
And of course we have jet planes and submarines
We've mastered travel on land and in the sea
Oh we have come such a long way since the wheel
What of the days when we abided in caves
Those days of using stone implements are gone
For we are now the masters for we create
Some in their hearts even believe they are Gods
Or at least as close to Gods as they can get
Why did God fill mankind's hearts with such folly
Maybe he didn't maybe it was mankind
Could such folly have come through our ignorance
If you feel you are not ignorant you are
Denial is the root of all ignorance
Those in denial are the most ignorant
Wisdom is something very few men possess
Yet within their minds they believe they are wise
For they have attended worldly colleges
They are merely blinded by their ignorance
For wisdom does not come to one overnight
It may take some a lifetime to learn wisdom
Then there are those who will never attain it
Yet what is wisdom without having knowledge
Many think wisdom and knowledge are the same
They have not understanding which is the key
Some search high and some search low to find the three
And when they find them they feel they've reached the end
There is still faith hope and charity to learn
This road in life is a long road to travel
There are very few travelers on this path
Many are on the trail to riches and fame
The lusts of life can be truly deceiving
After all pleasure is much better than pain
This simple path is the path of destruction
How long will mankind continue on this course
God's word states there is a heaven and a hell
I believe the world as it is now is hell
Will there ever be a heaven here on Earth
That will all depend upon mankind's choices
If our past is a gauge of what is to come
I can hardly wait to happily greet death
For I know it's then that I'll meet my maker
I hope and pray that I'll meet him in heaven
I don't think I'll have to worry about that
For long ago I found my little white stone
I believe that it was a special white rock
The stone was white diatomaceous earth
It was graven with an apple and a dot
And it was also washed with silver and gold
Then again it could have simply been painted
There is one thing of which I am quite certain
Too me it appeared to be a signet seal
Could it have been The Seal Of The Living God


Psycho Babble Scribble Squabble And Scrabble (2) Second Stanza Rough

Good poetry when read just may get a nod
Some see things in the poem and they get it
It is fun writing poems at night alone
I like to sit on my bed writing poems
And the time just goes by without a warning
I really have no plan when I start writing
I don't have a style the main thing is write
Just swing your bat and let your spell check correct
And some day your poem will be dull like mine
You won't be disappointed if your doubts cease
Try and don't ever quit and lay down your pen
Soar upon the breezes and don't ever err
You can write poetry without a doubt too
Some may last if you write if you risk who knows
In time maybe you'll have a fan or publish
I enjoy my freedom here writing online
The pace is not as fast here in cyberspace
Some believe that 'tis pure heaven here on Earth
Others say that Ann and Mary do rule it
And the bulls and bears I confess write too
Chatter they do in secret code they can grasp
We the people the target of their musings
Ann I believe bests Mary at her own game
Some say there is always something amiss here
As if sin does not exist untrue I say
I met a Nathan who was literate once
He worked in a gym with real skinny clients
Yes the gym had a perch with a real parrot
'Twas a him or her who's wings had been clipped
Yes it was his pet parrot fledgling he'd hatched
He raised his parrot from a hatchling with care
From where did he by chance come to attain it
It was gifted unto him by some dark chum or
More so he called himself a sailor forthright
By far said mate claimed he'd never be poor or
So his salve was spread upon lips all puckered
Oh where oh where did he go grieve if you must
Why did these words ring the sea was calling out
Should I follow the star of the skull and bones
It would be silly I love somebody else
My love is true and I am poor in spirit
I like Pho and I quit smoking cigarettes
You see I will not worship any man nor
Lie like these groups who rule the world for I'm free
Ore is nothing more too me than rocks when wet
A hen is a poor man's parrot some cartoons
Use big stars to draw in those who see not for
They are blind you might say they're blemished dark sheep
Those blinded by sin they say they walk in light
There may come a day but I'll not hold my breath
My Father will cull the sand with his hand soon
And ya'll will see I chose his band knowingly
He did call and I hearkened by far he's best
I fall he picks me up and sets me right he
Truly is all knowing seeing powerful
Let you heart guide you and live your life by fate
Joys will fill your heart in the darkest hour
I'm a sap and his number one fan I guess
He too says hehehe unto Mary three
And he loves rotten verse free from politics
I think that I can see some things others can't
If we were not free wonderful things might cease
I think I can I think I've won I think I'm
Almost through about to reach the fin of this
I do also want to give thanks unto ya'll
Because I too need to laugh in this rat race


. Edwin Tanguma © 4/22/2014 & 10/29/2015 (Respectively)

Topic(s) of this poem: silly

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Well ya'll...I believe that I am done with poetry for now... Who knows IF and or when I might return... Take care ya'll...


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