Charles Tiffin Clegg

Rookie (lost in antiquity / California)

Psychoanalysis.. Completion - Poem by Charles Tiffin Clegg

Here, take a look at this, I want your understanding
harsh, objective, loving I don't really care
I see you brought a lens with you and a microscope
there is scale to weigh it and a densitometer
A spectrometer, and you a transference finder
You say you want to burn it up, analize the colors in the flame
To that I must say no cause a fires really hot
a blackened one looks badi and is of little use
no caustic stuff, no acid either, that's bad and hurts a lot

Use your ordinary tools those are all you need
Now we understand each other, a hundred dollars? Fair
Find its defects, root them out, whats left will be near perfect
The critical analysis will serve to make improvements everywhere
Dissection is the way to go, its used from Freud to Jung and on
Excuse me, the hours up, Oh, I must leave you now
I will return tomorrow to do what you do best.
Can I bring you anything next time? Some dreams and memories?

I'm back but where's the sculpture?
The couch where we worked is still right over there
The form is gone and I can't feel it
You explored its defects and aanalyzedmy self
I know you found a defect and traced it real deep down
You found its roots and rootlets, removed them here each day?
I can only see some chunks, some hair and fleshy stuff
You seem so pleased and happy, Oh now I'm free to live and love
But you shaved my defects deeply and shaved me all away

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, December 17, 2009

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