Queen Of Hearts Poem by D.S. Bell

Queen Of Hearts

Forget the Queen of Hearts,
They say, take up the Spade;
Finally sixteen years old
And in The House I'm told
Get a job, get paid!
This is where your life starts.
So; forget the Queen of Hearts.

But The House always wins,
Mum ups the ante, and I put my chips in.
How can my Queen of Hearts
Hold up against dad's Kings;
My whole life I've had to chip in,
Give up my freedoms
And never get a win.

Back Door.
I know The Stakes are high but I want more.
We were five Hearts of the same mind,
Me and my friends were Five Of A Kind;
Into the Clubs we know,
That's where we want to go.
No looking back anymore,
We would flip the coin,
And let the chips fall to the floor.

No Limit at The House
I'm always On The Blind,
Under The Gun,
I don't get to be naive.
Even with an Ace up my sleeve;
We fight and it gets fun,
It gets loud, it's my daily grind,
And I give back a piece of my mind!

Even if I Fold they bleed me dry,
I'm trembling, just trembling,
Trembling from the Turn Card.
I yield, and feel myself Folding;
Vanish, and forget rebelling.
I had hoped at sixteen I would get stronger.

Fools falling for The Joker's tricks,
Feels like one more of life's kicks.
And life kicks, but I refuse to stay down.
Refuse to submit, refuse to wear that crown.
I know they mean well,
But I'm left feeling Off Suit
And out of sorts;
They pile on the weight,
And I beg, and I beg, I'm all in..

Just once,
Let me win!

Poem from the perspective of someone I know who always had the world on their shoulders.
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