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Let me go,
to that place in the sky,
to say goodbye, to the one I love.
And then I'll fall, down to the fire,

I wake up in the morning, hiding that I'm not okay.
Another day, smiling in the face of dismay.
A pretence I must portray.
I must. I must.

I sat on a bench in the dark,
In the dead of night,
In the absence of light.
I'm just existing..

How do I feel about tomorrow? Hmm..

Feeling low today,
‘Cos I be feeling lonely.

Hopes fed,
Another flame dead,

I take to great delight
And familiar warmth
At stormy sight
Of stomping shoes

When does support become ‘over saturation'?
For 30 days we celebrate their liberation,
Their pride and their self-affirmation.
Of course, I'm in full support of their representation,

I lay down in the grass,
In the grass,
I stare between the blades,
Stare at the earth,


To be on ones own,
Is both familiar and bare,
For the wearer wears with warmth
That which a thousand voices forgo

Earth's sky dark and blue;
bruised and sore.
Perhaps angry,
I honestly don't know.

no suction in my tummy
no thread in my wrist
no breaks in my bones
no stop in my breath

The ceaseless squawking;
It continues day and night.
No end to their noise
Comes within my sight,

I splurge my thoughts,
How many times I wonder?
This precious time not fit to squander.
As yet my mind churns over

Had a bad day today,
One of the sadder ones, I'd say.
You know the ones I mean right?
Keeping you up through the night;

I do like
Being awake at night
‘Till early morn'
‘Till the crack of dawn.

It nags, it needs,
Okay I'll scratch.
And I scratch.

I see you sad soul,
Sore and sobbing,
Why are you broken?

Forget the Queen of Hearts,
They say, take up the Spade;
Finally sixteen years old
And in The House I'm told

Being alone, being alone;
Anything else being unknowable.
Isolation brings me to a safe zone,
Wrapped in a bubble, I become further unsociable.

I woke up cold one morning,
I woke up cold today,
And in these hours, I lay in mourning,
For between the creases, the sun is pouring.

D.S. Bell Biography

Amature poet, don't expect to be good. My poems are either about my experience, thoughts, and feelings. All orginal, all my creation.)

The Best Poem Of D.S. Bell

Part 1: Cry Out - Poem By D.S. Bell

Let me go,
to that place in the sky,
to say goodbye, to the one I love.
And then I'll fall, down to the fire,
Down to the fate; I dream of.

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The worlds greatest cruelty, is control.

Looking back brings with it the feeling that time has flown by.

It's easier to give advice, so why take it. (Excuse the pun.)

They fantasise about you being what they want you to be, they don't listen to your language and let you be you.

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