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Questions - Poem by Leslie Alexis

Tell me, without a six is there a seven?
Would there be a hell, without a heaven?
What about the being of light without dark?
Would there have been a flood without an ark?
Or would the rain exist without the sunshine?
And if some were not dull, would any shine?
Or would there be many, with first having few?
Without the mist, would we have any dew?
Would there have been a sweet without any stink?
Would we have the pen, if we had no ink?
Would we still have Abel, if there were not a Cain?
Would we have pleasure, If we had no pain?
Or would we have wrong, if we did not have rules?
And would we have any wise men, without fools?
Is there an I without there being a you?
And is there false, if there were not a true?
Would there be bitter hate if there were not love?
Would one be below, if none were hailed above?
Would there be colors without the rainbow?
Would we have harvest, if the farmer didn’t sow?
Or would there be lies, if there were no truths?
Ant without any trees, would we still have fruits?
Without the calm would we still have the storm?
Would there be strange, if there were not a norm?
Would there be this poem, if one did not read?
Would I be, if you did not lay your seed?

Copyright 2009 © Leslie Alexis

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 30, 2010

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