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Be Safe, Angel

Rating: 5.0

The wailing tunes of the long lost child.
Her father’s ways the cause of her cry.
So many lovely young ones wish to die.
Because they know not love, tears fill their eyes.

She is long gone and left to the town.
The cruelty in his being brought her down.
Her smile, although beautiful, is rarely seen.
A broken heart who has never really, love seen.

Her cries are mellow and always left unheard.
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Luwi Habte 14 June 2009

you are a good poet and a good friend too both at all thanks for sharing May God give you all your desire luwi

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Leslie, Your soul is so beautiful and your intentions honorable, to help this child find her way back out of the dark. Sometimes, it only takes a friend to really care, and that can make all the difference. The poem is heartfelt and amazing. The words pour from your pen and the images you have created have all been blessed by God......10 Karin Anderson

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DaNa XxX 14 June 2009

this is really good my friend! ! ! ! ! well done, , ! 10+... and amen to your prayer..! ! your amigo, DaNa...

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Evaughn Gray 14 June 2009

This is a very good poem, so full of emotion. It is just a wonderful piece that many will love to read again and again.. beautiful write. ~ Hazel G.E

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awwww, i'm still speechless by this poem Leslie... this is indeed my all time favorite, thank you so much.... .... gosh....i'm tired of crying though :) .....guess i should stop re-reading it then.... this is simply amazing +10 from me... and amen to your prayers friend.

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Excellent poem…you too stay as ‘Be Safe’ Ten+ dr.sakti

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Honest Heart 01 July 2009

Awesome poem...it is full of honest emotion...you are really great writer and great friend...i am praying for your friend...i am asking my God to help her...GOOD LUCK... Keep writing your wonderful poems my friend ....

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Eyan Desir 26 June 2009

You have so many words.... Good use of them Leslie....romantic write top marks

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Shawnee Gonzalez 22 June 2009

i pray for everyone in the world and this poem just makes me want to pray even more you are an amazing poet and i can see just like me you write what you feel and what needs to be written about. ♥ §♥ shawnee♥ §♥

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Anjali Sinha 18 June 2009

Yes Les I am praying I am --for your friend

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