Rain Poem by Spirit Music Hope


Rating: 5.0

In the realm of sound and taste, familiarity abounds,
Thoughts wander freely, like kids in summer rain's surround.
Unrestrained and unorganized, they dance with glee,
Oh, to be like them, wild and untamed, is what I plea.

This moment holds a touch of melancholy's embrace,
Wild and sad, akin to a dwarven mystic's warlock face,
Or a pink unicorn dinosaur, taunting me with sinister grace,
Such craziness unfolds, leaving my heart's rhythm misplaced.

The pages of life turn at an astonishing pace,
Just moments ago, serenity adorned my space,
Yet within minutes, I find myself drenched anew,
Caught in the downpour, drowning in feelings that ensue.

I profess my love for the rain, its soothing descent,
But when it falls, my depression doubles, leaving me spent,
The irony prevails, a contradiction in disguise,
Rain brings both solace and the weight of gloomy skies.

In the depths of my being, questions remain untied,
Answers elude me, like moonlight's whispered guide,
Just as the blood moon casts its eerie glow,
I bleed within, seeking understanding's flow.

It's bewildering how swiftly I absorb life's lore,
Yet I stumble and fall faster than ever before,
Each descent deeper than the previous one's plight,
A constant battle, within the darkness I fight.

As raindrops cascade, I plummet through the air,
Yearning for the ground, where emotions declare,
My sole desire, when I meet Earth's tender trace,
To sense the impact, finding my destined space.

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