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How can I forget the one who made me feel?
How can I move away from all that is real?
How can dreaming cause so much pain?
How can I pull back those threads just to remain sane?

Losing hope
Unable to cope,
Nostalgia, pains the soul,
Afflicted by an open wound.

Melancholic persuasions written on a glacial parchment,
Perpetually ignoring direful consuming propinquity.
Integrated consciousness relishing the felicitous enchantment,
Summoning Eratones in an episode forged by Melpomene.

Beauty found in a forbidden place
Oneness in a tight embrace,
Nostalgic visions are now haunting me,
Guiled emotions trying to get free.

Cosmic contingencies in wonderland
Heavenly synchronicities grasped like sand,
Ever occurring, ever happening
Sarcastic moon, ever smiling.


In the depths of despair, where hope seems lost
And the world is but a tempest, that we're tossed
We search for bliss, but find only pain
As the wounds of betrayal, leave their stain

Life is a paradox, a cruel game we're made to play,
Where to live, we must die a little every day,
And the world around us must be dead to our soul,
For in its callousness, we find no solace or goal.

Been having this sad feeling again.
The melancholy is so familiar.
so fudgin' familiar.

words fall short of explanation and are deemed worthless.


Amidst the depths...

When life has scraped the marrow of your being,
and hardships outnumber the stars in the night sky.

May bahid kabaliwang pumapasok sa isipan sa tuwing ang tulog sa gabi ay di nakakamit.

Madalas, inaalala ang napanaginipan sa katatapos na gabi habang pinapakiramdaman ang malamyang ihip ng hangin na dumadampi sa mga pisngi.

In the depths of your spirit, a blazing inferno roars,
A tempestuous flame, yearning to explore,
Yet weariness ensnares you, a suffocating shroud,
From years entrenched in survival's merciless crowd.


In the realm of sound and taste, familiarity abounds,
Thoughts wander freely, like kids in summer rain's surround.
Unrestrained and unorganized, they dance with glee,
Oh, to be like them, wild and untamed, is what I plea.

In the hazy depths of this coffee shop's smoky veil,
I sit alone, a contemplative soul in need of a wake-up call.
A mere slap, some may say, could shake me from this reverie,
Yet, I sense a greater force within, a destructive energy,

In the chamber of somber memories,
I beheld my father in slumber's embrace,
A visage I wish not etched within my mind,
For what solace lies in witnessing his plight?

In a sudden epiphany, I'm gripped by a bitter truth,
My existence, a vessel harboring pain and loathing,
Does happiness elude, lost in this desolate realm?

When twilight descends, as slumber draws near,
'Tis not the venomous words of foes that linger,
But in the hush of companions, a cherished sphere.

In the depths of darkness, he feels alone

Missing his purpose, his heart a stone

In the veiled realm of night, ominous reflections unfurl,
The day's tapestry unwound, a dance of shadows,
Moments of solace, when happiness blooms,
Defined simply as thoughts suspended, liberated.

The warmth of steaming coffee can no longer woo
The chilled soul that lingers, ice-cold and blue,
A peculiar frost, brought forth by time's embrace,
Envelops the dreamer, addictive yet woeful... a sorrowful chase.

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http: //lunarkindred.blogspot.com/ An Esoteric Dreamer - never understood always forsaken, never forgiven...)

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How Can I Go On?

How can I forget the one who made me feel?
How can I move away from all that is real?
How can dreaming cause so much pain?
How can I pull back those threads just to remain sane?

Can the search for bliss justify all these?
Can I be consoled by the memory of our kiss?
Can friends be protected by unfathomable lies?
Can you hear my screams by looking through my eyes?

I guess you really didn’t know me as I thought,
I guess I was blinded by this destiny we sought.
I guess I need help, I guess you are right,
I guess I’m just tired of giving in to a fight.

Go chase your dreams of ineffable beauty
Go away from my world of insanity
Go and believe that all I said were fabrications,
Go and trust that those synchronicities are manipulations.

On the verge of fantasy and reality,
On the level of forgetting and memory,
On and on your image appears before me,
On and on and on – my heart bleeds for thee…


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