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Rain On Me - Poem by maryam kazmi

I’m in this world all alone
This feeling is so hard to bear
Stop playing games with me
It’s not fair

My heart is on fire
And you caused that
Now my only desire
Is to distinguish this fire

Let it rain
Let the water
Wash my fate
Let’s not be too late

Rain on me

I can hear the rain droplets
I can feel my fear, pain and agony
This feeling will never let me be fine
The tears rolled down my cheeks

The memories are coming back to me

Its raining
My heart is pouring
I can hear the raindrops
But why do I feel this feeling is dull

What sin did I commit?
That I got this punishment
Don’t you understand?
You shall sow as you reap

The world is crying with me
Because they believe it’s wrong
I will get justice
Before it’s too long

Rain on me

You gave me sorrows
In return
I will give you the same
And then will you be satisfied?
I know for a fact
That you will regret
The world is crying
It’s screaming for its right

Just let the raindrops fall on us
Rain on me
Let it rain
Wash everything away like an eraser

Just rain on me

What did you get?
What did you benefit?
In doing all this
What was it?

Why do people make others suffer, why is injustice always done.
Why not justice. Why was I bullied, discriminated?
Why were others abused?
Why did others have to face so much?

Let it rain
Let it rain
Let it rain
Let it rain

Just rain on me


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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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