Rain, Rain, Come Today Poem by Jade DragonHeart

Rain, Rain, Come Today

Rain, Rain, come today
I want to feel your painful stabs against my skin.
I want to taste your sweet red kiss upon my lips.
Allow the Angels of evil to cry a shower of blood upon the broken glass of my glory.
Allow your blackened, cutting blows to leave me tired and hated in my dying soul of death and desire.

Rain, Rain, come today
Send your charming, left out, rain of fire to burn my heart.
Allow your depressed demons to leave me slashed, broken, and bleeding a river of pain and sorrow.

Rain, Rain, come today
Send me a refreshing night of silence.
Keep me from finding love but leave me with an objective to find pain and sweet rage and revenge.

Rain, Rain, come today
Give me a Friday night of cutting glass and painful showers of destruction.
Send me a demon to do my bidding in the weary and stormy nights of a new dimension, in which people are feeling proud, passion, desire, and love.
As couples kiss and refresh themselves with the sweet taste of cold, clear, smooth, and wet rain.
Rain, Rain, Come Today

Desirae Brown 08 February 2009

you are my favorite poet on this page

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