Jade DragonHeart Poems

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Silver Sleep

A night I will commit
A most ungodly thing
I will commit suicide
With the poison I keep

Dragon Eyes

Dragon eyes are worth your while
You can see the past and future
Through those of red and black
To those of white and gold

Vampire Nightmare

I have had a
Vampire nightmare.
The night rises like a curtain
After a long nights hunt.

Bad Day

I had a bad day
Over the past few years
I’ve been getting into trouble
With those of my kind that kill

Bleeding Black Roses

The thorns from the red roses I received
Pricked my finger to make me bleed
As my finger bled red
The red roses turned black


I have a burning desire…
I desire to love you until the day I die
A desire to make you fall for me


I hear you at night
I see you in my head
I hear you calling me
Because I heard voices

Voices Ii

“Back from hell I see.” He once said
The one who called to me
From far away, I only heard his voice
Up close, all I saw was his face

Rain, Rain, Come Today

Rain, Rain, come today
I want to feel your painful stabs against my skin.
I want to taste your sweet red kiss upon my lips.
Allow the Angels of evil to cry a shower of blood upon the broken glass of my glory.

Blood River

Life is like a river of blood
It’s all the same until you cut it off

It flows smoothly until blocked

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