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A night I will commit
A most ungodly thing
I will commit suicide
With the poison I keep

Dragon eyes are worth your while
You can see the past and future
Through those of red and black
To those of white and gold

I have had a
Vampire nightmare.
The night rises like a curtain
After a long nights hunt.

I had a bad day
Over the past few years
I’ve been getting into trouble
With those of my kind that kill

The thorns from the red roses I received
Pricked my finger to make me bleed
As my finger bled red
The red roses turned black

I have a burning desire…
I desire to love you until the day I die
A desire to make you fall for me

I hear you at night
I see you in my head
I hear you calling me
Because I heard voices

“Back from hell I see.” He once said
The one who called to me
From far away, I only heard his voice
Up close, all I saw was his face

Rain, Rain, come today
I want to feel your painful stabs against my skin.
I want to taste your sweet red kiss upon my lips.
Allow the Angels of evil to cry a shower of blood upon the broken glass of my glory.

Life is like a river of blood
It’s all the same until you cut it off

It flows smoothly until blocked

I am a falling Angel
I am one of the Fallen Ones…
I now live in hell
Trying to gain my place

I was forsaken by your hands
I was forsaken by your heart and by your soul
I could not come back for at least a century,
I was forsaken by you.

I feel free away from you
I feel I can believe in myself again,
As long as I’m without you.
I’ll take your soul to hell with me

I am haunted by your voice.
In my dreams, not only do
I hear your voice, I see
Your face as well.


I have been killed
By the one that I once loved

I have been killed by you,

My desire for you is real
You are all I think about theses days
And I cannot stop thinking about you

You destroyed me…
By killing my dreams and killing my heart
You destroyed me by breaking my soul in half.
Destroying me is what happens when you betray me miserably

I looked into your eyes
Your Eyes of Death
I killed for those eyes to look into mine
Into my eyes of pain and guilt

Painful, bleeding, screaming, calling, crying, when you're becoming.
Uttering, murmuring, yelling, drinking, when you're becoming.
Changing fast, slowly aging, heart burning fire when you're becoming.
Pale skinned, blood red to blue eyed, when you're becoming.

Blood is flowing down my cheek; as my head was split open again.
You're hitting me over and over
Until I am dead in your mind for the last time.
My heart stopped beating when you left me bleeding

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My real name is Chris Shriver, I am eightteen years of age, I will be nineteen March 6th. Jade DragonHeart is a nickname that I have derived from my book. I like to write poems and stories about vampires, werewolves, and other mythological creatures. I also write stories that deal with magic and other types of sorcery, depending on the day and what I have in mind. I like listening to country and other genres of music except for rap and hiphop. I like to ride horses and draw. I like to sing and dance. I am out of school now, I graduated from High School June 18,2009. I like to play games on the computer and on the DS, GBA, PS2, and Xbox 360. I find poemhunter.com to be another sanctuary for me when I feel I have nothing else to do in life. I like to read what other people have written for poems. Sometimes by reading something else, you can get ideas for something of your own work.)

The Best Poem Of Jade DragonHeart

Silver Sleep

A night I will commit
A most ungodly thing
I will commit suicide
With the poison I keep

A night I will commit
My last dropp of blood
I will commit suicide
Because you did too

I will commit my suicide
Tonight at sunrise, on the
Roof of Hell, I will commit suicide
With a poison of Silver Sleep

As I take the syringe
And fill it with
The one dropp of the poison
I begin to taste it before it touches skin

The syringe is filled
I place the needle in my skin
And I press the back of the syringe down
The silver liquid passes through my system

I feel no pain
I am now dieing
Lights show around me
As blood passes my lips

The one I love is next to me
But I can no longer hear his voice
My eyes close and I see only darkness
My commitment to suicide has been fore filled.

I dropp the syringe as I fall
To the city street below me
The poison from the Silver Sleep
Is now upon me forever.

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