Bella Magik

Rainy Days - Poem by Bella Magik

Rainy days, oh rainy days.... make me sing the blues.
Rainy days, my feet are wet, the rain soaked though my shoes.
Rainy days, oh rainy days, they remind me of...
The rainy day you stood there, accusing me my love

Of Murdering your brother... you said I did it in the shed
You got it wrong, he had been fast asleep in bed.
I could not deny, when you asked me why
“are my hands stained blood red”
You had gone to the freezer for a roast, and ops you grabbed his head.

Rainy days, oh rainy days, will haunt me forever more
It was raining when the Avon lady, knocked upon my door.
I said I wanted lipstick, so she came on in...
Now lovingly, she has been preserved in a barrel full of gin.

When You came home and fund her, I jumped out and yelled surprise...
Was it the rain that the stole joy I searched for in your eyes
You screamed at me, and now I see
You saw through my disguise.
Rainy days can be more trouble than you realise.

Rainy days, oh rainy days, make me think of my old friend
I tried really hard to hit the bakes as she came round the bend
They called it hit and run, and I find that quite unfair
I took the time to stop and take a locket of her hair.

When You asked me why I did it, your head was in your hand
I said “for the memory darling”. I truly thought you'd understand
“You have to know before you go”.
I started to demand
“It's the rainy days that get to me, it's not as if it's planned”

I don't know why you get so mad... is it the rain upon the roof
I don't know why you got so mad and gave the cops the proof
Rainy days, oh rainy days, it is raining in my heart
Do you miss me on those rainy days now that we're apart?
Rainy days, oh rainy days, what sad and sorry tales
And if you think that's bad, then you should see what happens when it hails!

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Poem Submitted: Monday, December 7, 2009

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