Reaching Into The Clouds Poem by Deanna Samuels

Reaching Into The Clouds

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Up, up, up, we drove higher and higher
Turning the bend, visibility was lost beyond
Carefully forwarded into the low-lying cloud
A cloud fully resting upon the mountain road
The way was lost within a thick moist haze
Blocking all sight of scene of the autumn fall
Slowly edged forward at the slowest of speeds
At last, feeling like hours, the peak was reached
Then, just as suddenly as when entering the cloud
Down, down, down, we cautiously steered
Emerged gradually from the mist and haze
The road now embarks on an even steeper incline
Runaway truck signs with lanes appear
The valley road betwixt two mountains widens
A river runs besides; an abandoned old timber mill
White water spilling into Harriman Lake
Onwards around the valley bends, the river flowed
Gradually, houses and stores appear, a filling station
Drove into the town of Wilmington
A busy town center, a crossroads for all directions
Headed forward, onto our destination of Boston
Passing over the Hog Back mountain
Portrayed a magnificent view of the east
Autumn will very soon come into full glory

Written en-route to Boston, USA - 7th October 2018

Tuesday, October 23, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: cloud,mountains,river
Deanna Samuels

Deanna Samuels

London, England
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