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Read, I Wish Esh Yo Hoe And Ho....A Good F Luck - Poem by Atef Ayadi

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i will tea ti cho you the meaning

of time


wa sk kskklk ett

elwakkk it

le temps in french

taaachekhem kkkehhhem

funny eaaa heee ha ha

i do not

like your teeth

but i like smile.....

then she is

between voodoo

and paikin

elieen vodo peikin in in in

i like eileen

buttt her but

i am playing to be

be nice

with you...

one love

never tried fried

from your hands

one love

my babi

never tried a fried chicken

in esquire is two dollars

one love

i love two dollars

for one love

here take your time to appreciate the picture
in time....with me
alone....remember elone.....
cause i am alone call me

give me calll

a heart attque attak me me

do not correct me

son of bee ichi me

i do like to correct noboy?

like that.....

no body?

and i mean

i do not correct

any f kling body

like my body


and everone has his unique

bodi....getcha eng lishjegg lish man

english man

that is what i meant -mouran....mourad.....


do ddddiiiiii eiii ouuuuiii iiii
say iiiiiii

ba aaaa dddd ddd iiiies

i am in love with my f cking body

ow ow ow a dog ow some


et te ni ki ik ni

can et ne gim racc hid cghaid complex

i am a life f life i want to paradise

i came back empty?

no watter water.....wate ter.....tirrr w aaaa war tir

water, .

in china wa ti teeee ya

ya...ya aaaaaa

tin in in ene ene ene en n NNNN? ? ? NNNNN

N, chinese yo? ? ?

i am a browww


ia m atef

the eye and the bro....

bro not boobs bra aa aaa sss

croi se say

not ssiii zeze

ess f u kay me

can you really

key me

cause babi

i am

jiha aa aaam en en en in



jo fou ou ou in

ni ni ni neeeeeeeee

what atef whant to ieve

atef more

than this? ?

sorry gays
i need to make it publick

it is a dream to come a tru

dima enna ned atti neddi



makeer< br>

claam ta rabbi....

i have a big f cuccking meezan

i no rabi is a fi fucking


raabi metrabbi

mish mettrabi.....mizan

meezun zun

zinc zan zani



an n
ssss saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


dima mettrabiii

kill mizan.....

fu kin rabbi

yeh yahwa



i do..fuckyou

i do not need your facking love


or who ever

facking black



j esus

nora eileen

any woman

i saw until now

only the stuff of life./.....

i like the smile

of a woman

when it is mizan.....zen fact me fish me golek

habi allek


atef deem


fac yo and yo ask for more mizen

hate this staff....i want to leave the planet



and i fac kkked the humanity, sisters, lived with them

with borhan.....

i enjoy....

writting....ting for every one

who hurted my mizan

and and fac king of kou aan

fac you.....i can write my mizan
i am my facing facking ggggg gin gin


who is is f mizen

in me though? ?

so what....i have beau

ti tea full lllll le le eg egggs eFFFFggenz

i do not worry...about mistake.....

now i will teach you

how you

answer with a now

that sound no

no teh ehh ehh ahh



haaa leee

aaaah elemmmm

i love saida and ahlemmmmm

eheln kanit kheeer nice

nose owes owesssing misssion


ippiy gggg iiirrrr girrls.....

saida said dddd aaa

said day dddd


not Si daaaa.....

say say ay ai aii

ddaaa sahaiiiii da

i dreamt to be loved by her.....
i was

fifteen may be


it was a beautiful

her ded was

nahhh ka ma


high court

spreme court cooo ti chi

mah ma haaaah hhhhh

dad deed dddaaaaddd

is a fa hu king kwaqaffff


khawwaf....... .

and i am not fuckinng

kh aw ay waa f pronouce it the way you like

i am a fraid.....

i am facking faced o not face vie
et simple

mail il faire de l' rrrr GGGG gaga gon gea
you need to listen an watch miss gaga dan da na bi cge gaga

that is what i love....

gaga gaga....

and i will fuckkk her in the she wants she way her ga ga ga gue

and still am

owsome and responsable

in a kid fat

soory gaga


i am bey bai correct

i am owsome

or fuckkable....

i need wot work for fun....

maney nomeeee


mok mkaaaa gani genie genie ghhgggguuuuuueeeee noi


aand chitaannnn is my wali....

aaa ah ah ah

dance avec moi

wesh me chitan


wish me eileen

laaan la vie

wish me un amour sans toi

un 1 like

ha ha haann ha nnn

nnn fubking


if you want me

yaaa annnnn woman

look and greee eeeb eb eb me

yahhhh mmmmaaaa

and take me yaaan to my

yahhhh ehen an...



est poss iss iss bel bell bello bellici


yeah bolll....

so eillen

do you have
your bulls

or bole and boles

high energy boles

oxygen gen girls

the rest is on me....


meeee yaa
ya ya

on me

meee yue ya aaaa

eh hh hen in in n

yaa aaaaya ya yaaa ha haa aaaa!

on me me

mee me eeeee iiii m e
yaaaaa yo ho ya uuuuu yaaaa aaa

on me......a


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