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Reality Check - Poem by neo riddick

Not everyone is aware of the fine line in their lives until it has been crossed
Since toleration has become an art in my own life, I try to stay calm. No matter what.
Just when you think you know someone. You really don't. Deep inside though, your heart always knew.
Life is complex in all it's ways. We all walk through it never really expecting much if anything that is thrown our way.
Realizing that the grass is never 'greener' on the other side was a huge step. But that led me to the path where I learned to see more clearly.
Even when our eyes are closed. Our hearts and minds can still see.
It's a normal human response to be weary and cautious of what others say and do. Especially in relationships.
I am not a perfect being and I am fully capable of making huge mistakes and terrible decisions.
If we never knew what it felt like to fail, be disappointed, heartbroken, sad, unloved, betrayed, etc. We would not grow.
These are things that I had to experience so many times and most likely I will again.
People that you think love you are so very quick to try and destroy you mentally. They will tell you what they think you want to hear. However, I prefer honesty.
I am able to admit now that after my true love passed, I had to take a few years and find me. Now I am content. Then I opened my heart to another.
I fell in love with someone who promised me the world. Even told me that their only reason to live was for me. I wanted to believe that.
Told me they would do any and everything to keep us together and never let me go. When love is that strong. Weakness sets in. Especially on my behalf.
These words are not meant to put myself on a pedestal. They are just a way for me to express to others how we all hurt.
When you love so deeply. You must know that 'pride' as some may call it is actually another way of rationalizing their inability to be 'humble'.
Love is great. Love is pain.
Heartbreak is something I feel we all need to feel.
Each pain I feel. Each time my heart is broken and with every bad decision and mess I create. One thing is for certain...
I grow stronger and more aware of fragile I am. Then I pick myself up. Stop wearing my heart on my sleeve. Gain more appreciation for life.
Knowledge is obtained when a 'Reality Check' occurs

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Poem Submitted: Monday, April 7, 2008

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