Recent Instructions From Noel - Poem by RIC S. BASTASA

Always make your future bigger than your past
Always make your contribution bigger than your reward
Always make your performance greater than the applause
Always make your gratitude greater than you success

On the premise:

That there is a future
That there is a contribution
That there is performance
That there is gratitude

There is no future, no contribution, no performance, no gratitude

The past shall be erased, the reward does not matter
The applause unnecessary and the success a surplusage

I do not need a reward, an applause,
And I do not need any success

Finding a soul in paper clip
Finding a frog croaking in my throat

There is simply no brain on this bond paper

Air in a vacuum

A grand future in today’s little happy faces

A red rose tattoo inside my ailing heart

The best talk in my silence as mute as
A dead ant that cannot climb
The coconut tree

Of the elephant in my palm
Or that little bird in my hand
And we were guessing
Whether it is alive or dead

The little child always laughs at everything
And we simply do not know
His logic
We forget once our childlikeness

We simply forget
The reason of the heart

It is simple

There is no future in my books
There is only today

God bless you, Noel

I always Live for today
The moment
The second
I always see my life in the fresh leaves of lettuce
My future in that in the red rose dewy in the flower vase of transparent glass

And what IS that?

Yes, eternity in the grain of sand
Today in the glowing dew.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 20, 2008

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