Red Pile To Save That Us Unites Poem by Mustafa Kenj

Red Pile To Save That Us Unites

Grown on a piece of land, yet an eternal home is not
Doomed to be titled by the name given to that land
The peace shall be found in humanisim, love among nations
The love of universal nature on every centimeter of earth
To err is to be human yet to war means to be evil wild cruel
Love of that shall bring fertility to nations to the land and heaven
Earth is where the short term of stay whether in the east or the west
For resources; gold and metals, water and lands people lost lives
They could have shared all in peace with love being cool and relax
Ioots turn into curse in case by force were got, unconscious guilty
Nightmares, ever lastingof horror, peaceless state of mind
Each night the second heads on pillow are laid troubles are gone
As long as the heart, the hands are clean glorious sleep like kings
Tranquility, soul's ultimate need to enjoy the hardest of times
The most painful memory comes up minutes later of wake up
Thus consciously ourselves to grieve we deliberately pursue
Oh mankind's black pile! Stay away of us miles
So to save, the common pile " blood" that us unites

Saturday, January 18, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: earth,life,nation,national day,patriotic,patriotism
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