Red Rose Poem by Fathima Hanna

Red Rose

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You stood there,
A dark deep delicate red rose.
Amongst all of the roses,
You stood there.
A thornless one, the only one.
Could you hear it whisper?
That he'll make you breathe,
That he'll heal what you don't let to feel,
That he's neither both more nor nothing less,
But just a thornless flower,
As delicate as his lips,
As dark as his hair,
I have had enough.
Wild Rose he'll grew into,
With sharp spines that sparkles as his eyes,
Set inside the cage of my heart.
Restlessly searching for my nerves.
Here I'm bleeding.
As I plucked him young,
A deep dark delicate red rose he was,
Whom granted me scars.
For I,
Kept him inside my heart.
And I,
Never left him as he died.

Red Rose
I was just someone staring at a deep dark delicate red rose growing, More like an enchanting dream, Neither planned nor manifested! But just something that appeared in a filled but yet empty breath that I was inhaling.... My lungs were hollow Outta breath... Dying to get some more... And my eyes see nothing more but solitude My ears hear nothing more but screams but no one out there... And you, the dark deep delicacy was the only miraculous escape to heal me.. And I, still wonder how do I found uh? ! Back then you were just a rose whom helped me saying uh'll give me oxygen... And I'm somebody whom uh felt nothing more but like oxygen.. But now I know, while uh said, all uh've done is to give out oxygen, That uh never needed. It was just a pure divine grant for uh, That uh never needed And oxygen for me was nothing more but an essential survival. And I went closer ever than before, Even my legs got stucked on the mud beneath your stem Still I was trying to reach you And there you was A dark deep delicate red rose But I never knew that you were quite young... I never new uh'll grow more, to me the one with these petals were more than enough Even grown, all I'll be able is to have more oxygen right? ! ! So then I doomed into uh, craving for more.. Uh were an enchanting dream I never seen before... You had me inside uh Got all those soft petals swirled to the centre were I stood...all I felt was the softness of those long warm red ones I never looked inside you... Even you let me in Let me see all you had within you I never tried to wipe the flowerdust that covered my eyes and search what's inside you Although what's outside was still enough for me I had that heart of you in my hands....I've touched it But never tried to know what is there in it though... I saw my world getting smaller... All I can see is your long petals getting closer and closer to meh... Wrapping me, And I, was filled with way more breaths longer than ur petals... I was inside uh... Ur heart was the only hardest cushion I sat on with such ecstacy But still the softness of your petals told me an another story A story that made me awake with the moon A story too serene and peaceful as much as I forgotten even who I was And one day you lost your voice There was no more stories, no more swirling of warm long petals But yet I stayed awake with the moon But yet I breath long breathes but not that long as the sigh I use to give out the same time. I can see your petals now, but they were moving far from me I can still touch it but never have them I can still be inside you, but you never gave oxygen And I was only here with you for that... And I still stayed inside you, Because I was no longer inside you for only just oxygen I was there inside you as my fate And I cant see the world outside from you has turned as the world to me But now I was feeling the hardness of the cushion you gave me... And I took a look at it... And I look back and wish that I never saw uh inbetween I no longer knew what to do...but to live with this hardest thing.... And with that I was getting to know I was in love even at your hardest things Your deep delicacy turned nothing more but a vulnerable lie And you my dear, bloomed one day, I was getting to see the most beautiful you A fully grown deep dark delicate red rose you are now, But with thrones harder than the cushion uh lend me And I can't jump out of you... You are now in a wild shrub I can see a lot of red roses grown beside you.. Here and there, one after another But all of them reminds me of you And you my dear no longer needed me As uh see a lot more ones To give out your oxygen Even now I can have oxygen from others, But it reminds me of you....
Unnikrishnan Sivasankara Menon 26 September 2022

"Rose…thornless…here I am bleeding ".. intrigues

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